State Benefits – Could you live on them?

Austerity measures in the UK have meant some of the biggest cuts in state spending since World War II, and as a result the traditional safety net of state benefits is reducing.

Research by Legal & General shows that, on average, people could be on the breadline in just 26 days* if all they had to rely on was their savings or state benefits to keep the bills paid. So now may be time to take control and help ensure you can provide for yourself, your partner or your loved ones in the event of long term sickness, injury, critical illness or even death.

What problems could relying on state benefits mean for you?

Contact us for a free guide which shows just what you might have to rely on for state benefits without protection, or what your loved ones may have to rely on after your death.

We believe it’s more important than ever to take some action now and put as little as £6 a month into helping give you and your loved ones some financial protection.

Why not give us a call or drop us an email today. What have you got to lose?

*Legal & General Deadline to the Breadline Report 2014.

As April 5th is the last date in the 2013/14 tax year,

that’s your final chance to make the most of your full 2013/14 ISA and Junior ISA tax-efficient savings allowance.

You can invest up to £11,520 in a Stocks and Shares ISA and up to £3,720 in a Junior ISA over the 2013/14 tax year. If you have still to use some or all of your ISA Allowance be sure to look at things soon before the April 5th deadline to make the most of tax-efficient savings.

At least 2 out of 3 people in the UK, don’t have any form of life cover.*

So how can we help?

We are independent advisers and this means we can research the whole market to find our clients the best protection policies to meet their needs. For some clients we can also set policies up where their work/business pays the premiums and this can save up to 49% on the cost of their life cover.

To arrange a free protection review please call one of the offices below –

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CAITHNESS – 01593 721240

*Source: Money Advice Service

The Tax Year End is the ideal time to review your financial plans and tax situation

Below is a list which sets out
some of the things you need to be thinking about at this time of year –

Have you used up your Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance for the year?

Have you reclaimed tax relief on Pensions contributions if you are a high rate taxpayer?

Have you utilised your Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemptions?

Are you utilising Inheritance Tax (IHT) exemptions?

Do you need to complete a tax return?

Have you reviewed your pensions contributions?

If you would like more information on any of the areas above please contact us on either 01224 900879 or 01358 268166

The Family Finance Report 2013 highlights that one of customers biggest fears is redundancy.

However, despite lots of people spending many hundreds of pounds insuring their home, car, pets and other belongings they overlook protection for their income, should they lose their job or be unable to work.

Redundancy insurance can be set-up purely to provide an alternative income should the worst happen (Accident, Sickness or Unemployment), or it can be arranged to cover a specific debt such as a mortgage (Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance).

Rates start from as little as £2.15 per £100 of monthly benefit – that’s around 7p per day!

For further details or to arrange for a personalised illustration please contact either 01224 900879 or 01358 268166.