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At Phil Anderson Financial Services we offer Independent Financial Advice on a range of areas including investments, pensions, savings, mortgages and insurance, all individually tailored to our clients' needs and circumstances.

How we can help

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Phil Anderson Financial Services was set up by Phil Anderson in October 2011 with the vision to be the number one financial advisory firm in the North and North East of Scotland. Since then we have increased our staff members and now have offices in Aberdeen, Ellon and Caithness.

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Get in touch to arrange an initial, free, face-to-face session to discuss how we can help with your financial planning needs.

For your convenience, home visits are available throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.


Latest News

What the COVID-19 coronavirus means for your pension

By now, you will likely have seen news reports about the impacts of the coronavirus crisis on global stock markets. Although the impacts of the virus and how governments around the world are seeking to control its spread are unprecedented, the…

A warning about scams

At a time when the nation is pulling together to support one another, unfortunately scammers never tire from stealing money. We would like to warn you about a significant increase in pension scams taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis and ensure…