our vision

Phil Anderson Financial Services vision

‘To be recognised as the number one financial advisory firm in the North and North East of Scotland.’

‘To provide world-class financial advice to our clients that is affordable and carried out in a friendly, reliable manner that exceeds the clients expectations.’

‘To provide consistent expert advice through our professional team.’

Culture Statements

Integrity – Integrity is our guiding principle. We stand behind what we say we will do for our clients, our stakeholders and our people.

Honesty – Whether it be honest in argument, honest with advice, honest with our staff, honest with our suppliers – and above all, honest with our clients, we place honesty highly in our company culture.

Customer Service – Continually ask our clients what they want and how we are doing. We must know our customers intimately; so well that we can anticipate and assist with their financial requirements. A strong relationship with our clients guarantees their satisfaction. We continually search out ways to exceed our clients expectations. If we don’t meet their needs someone else will.

Skills & Knowledge – Skills and knowledge become outdated quickly in the financial world. We must constantly develop our knowledge around all financial services. Our company believes training our team is the key to success for both the business and clients.