Is your protection insurance plan still giving you value for money?

Life passes us by so quickly that we sometimes forget the little things. Like making sure our insurance plans are up to date.

If you’ve got married, moved house, or had children since you bought your original life, critical illness, or income protection plan, you might find that this cover no longer meets your needs.

Phil Anderson Financial Services can take a look over your current plan to make sure that you’re still fully protected. We can also recommend a plan that gives you more than just the financial payout.

Flexible cover with added benefits –

For example, as well as offering outstanding cover, Bright Grey plans include practical and emotional support through its Helping Hand service at no extra cost. This includes:

• Access to a qualified nurse adviser
• Bereavement counselling
• Complementary therapies
• Access to medical, career, legal and personal helplines

You don’t have to wait until you claim to use this service – you can use it as soon as your plan starts.

Too good to be true?

You might think that a plan that offers all this is going to be expensive, but you could be surprised! Bright Grey plans are flexible, which means we can personalise yours to fit your budget.

If you’d like to find out how much this new plan might be, please call us on 01224 900879 or 01358 268166 and we can arrange a quote.

Also…You don’t have to experience a life-changing event to alter the cover you have. You can contact us at any time if you want to add, remove or simply change the amount of cover on your insurance plan.